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Nanchen Natur

Nanchen Natur Eichenkind (Oak Child) Waldorf Doll

Nanchen Natur Eichenkind (Oak Child) Waldorf Doll

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Meet Oak Child. Handmade Waldorf style doll whose part doll and part lovey. 100% organic cotton, soft velour body, with a sweet hand painted face and unstuffed arms and legs for easy gripping and cuddling. The head and chest are stuffed with organic wool. In a mossy green romper, Oak Child is ready to play and be a cherished doll for generations.

Size: 10.2"

Materials: Organic cotton and organic wool

Care: Hand wash and air dry

Made in Germany

  • Materials used for Nanchen products are sourced from strictly organic cultivation and organic farming. In addition, each doll is individually hand-painted, giving it a unique quality
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