Baby Face

Baby Face

Have you ever noticed your baby staring at your face? They enjoy studying people’s faces and expressions, often following them with their eyes. Toys that have faces, bright colors, or that make an interesting sound are fascinating as babies learn to reach, lift their heads, turn towards a fun sound, put things in their mouths, and coordinate the movements of their hands and feet.

Pocket Clown Rattle

Easy to hold rattles make a wonderful toy for young infants, especially when the rattle has a friendly face or resembles a favored food. A soft, friendly rattle can be easily grasped, studied, and of course - placed in the mouth for further exploration.

Sometimes a favorite rattle becomes a security toy and used for self soothing. Beautiful, organic rattles make a thoughtful and cherished baby gift.

Handmade, ethical, simple, and beautiful.

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